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This Russian dating web site offers free contact with Russian women for Western men. Feel free to browse the Russian ladies Gallery with no registration or Membership fees whatsoever, and if you like any of them, send her your introductory e-mail at no cost, absolutely free. If she gets reciprocally interested and responds to you, your further contact with her is direct and without any go-betweens.

This dating website is proudly listed at Russian Woman Dating Directory in the categories "Russian" and "matchmaking".

Is it possible for two people to fall in love before they meet in person, and what are the chances the virtual relationship could lead to real marriage, considering the man is in America, while the woman lives in Russia?

The questions of the sort would most likely return quite a deal of ironical smiles when addressed to the Western single men audience, and if asked in public. Anyway, the concept of marriages arranged through matchmaker is almost as old as the institute of marriage itself.

Centuries ago medieval men would write romantic letters to women and then ask proxy (matchmaker) to arrange marriage with the woman of their choice. Marriages arranged this way were rather typical and quite often very successful up to both parties expectations.

That approach can be considered predecessor of what is nowadays known as mail order bride method of finding a marriage partner. (The term mail order bride originates from the pre-internet epoch when marriage or matchmaker agencies would compile catalogs of brides and mail them out to interested men on subscription).

Like it or not, with the advent of the Internet, the mail order bride method has started experiencing not just steady revival, but even impressive evolution, reaching in part Russia and bringing to the spotlight Russian bride as a rather desirable potential marriage partner for a certain segment of American single male population.

Loveclicks International Russian mail order bride web site entered the market of Russian online introductions in 1998, shortly after the said Russian mail order bride market has opened up to the Western men following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then the team has accumulated some unique - sometimes good, the other times bad - but generally valuable experience in this so much sensitive professional niche of helping people from different cultures develop long distance relationships ultimately aimed at forming a happy family.

The practical experience dissolves myths. The other of such popular myths claims that matchmaking web sites are place for loosers. Anyway, our own 8 year long experience in the domain of the international matchmaking has revealed that it is mostly successful Western men that choose to become clients of mail order bride agency offering the assistance in search of, and/or matchmaking with a suitable Russian bride.

The generalized profile of male client of this (or other similar) Russian matchmaking/dating service will portray a successful Western men, professional, 37 - 45 years old, ideologically conservative, tired of career-obsessed women and seeing a Russian woman as less materialistic and more appreciative of men.

Back in 2000 about 600 agencies operated on the Internet providing introduction services or match-making for the former Soviet Union. Since then that figure has at least trippled. The number of male customers of this service through the same period of time has shown 8 times increase. We are growing! And we are always here, ready and able to help any single Western man who is marriage minded and who seriously wants to find a Russian bride.

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