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Sometimes it is vital that your Russian lady understands you adequately so there is no misunderstanding between you and her. It is recommended that you translate your very first first letter to a Russian woman of your choice because Russian ladies struggle with reading English letters even if many of them know the language fairly well. Translation will ensure she will read your letter, and will understand everything you were intending to tell her without having to spend time with a dictionary. Translate also all letters where you have something important to say. Women estimate their knowledge themselves, therefore the actual level may vary. The levels of understanding are: basic - able to read and write with dictionary; she must have used to study the language but did not have chance to practice; fair - can read and write with some use of dictionary, and talk on basic topics; good - can read, write and talk; fluent - the Russian girl has had some advanced English language training and practice. If the Russian lady's knowledge of the English language is lower than good or fluent, it would be just wise to have your letter translated to make sure you are understood correctly. Besides the English language translations to and from Spanish and French can be ordered too. Adequate Russian translation is recommended to ensure that language problems do not interfere with your new relationship with your beautiful Russian mail order bride!

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